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What Are Eggplants?

Eggplant is known as a vegetable having a unique range of health benefits, including an ability to help build strong bones and prevent osteoporosis, reduce the symptoms of anemia, and increase the cognitive function. It improves cardiovascular health and protects the digestive system. The benefits of eggplant also include weight loss, managing diabetes, reducing stress, protecting infants from birth defects, and even preventing cancer.

What Are Eggplants? Eggplants are fruits native to the Indian subcontinent but are now found throughout the world in different cultural cuisines. In England, they are known as “aubergine”, and are also called brinjal, melongene, and guinea squash. These purple or black glossy fruits can grow more than a foot in length in wild varieties, though they are considerably smaller in normal agriculture. They reached the Middle East and the Mediterranean regions approximately 800 years ago and were referenced in England by the 16th century. There are a number of varieties used throughout the world, and they are included in cuisines in many different ways. Although they are fruits, eggplants are commonly called the “king of vegetables”, at least in India, as they are one of the most versatile and functional foods in the cultural gamut. They have the consistency of a tomato, in terms of texture and density and are a perfect addition to soups, stews, and sauces. The best part about these foods is, they are not only a flavorful and delicious addition to many meals but also a massively healthy inclusion that can help you live a healthier life. Eggplants Nutrition Facts The wonderful health benefits of eggplants are primarily derived from their vitamin, mineral, and nutrient content. Eggplants are a rich source of vitamin C, vitamin K, vitamin B6, thiamin, niacin, magnesium, phosphorous, copper, dietary fiber, folic acid, potassium, and manganese. They also contain almost no cholesterol, or saturated fat. Weight Loss Since eggplants contain a minimal amount of fat or cholesterol, they are a very healthy food for people trying to lose weight or battle obesity problems. The fiber is also very filling, which inhibits the release of ghrelin, the hormone which tells our mind that we are hungry again. By filling us up and reducing our appetite, the chances of overeating are greatly reduced, so weight loss attempts are more successful.

Prevent Cancer Along with the beneficial effects of fiber, eggplants are also great sources of antioxidants, one of the body’s best lines of defense against a wide variety of diseases and conditions. Eggplants contain vitamin C, which is a key part of the immune system since it stimulates the production and activity of white blood cells. Also, eggplants contain manganese, which is a natural antioxidant, and an essential mineral. Your body can benefit from nasunin and chlorogenic acid, two organic antioxidants that are somewhat unusual but have exhibited inhibitory activity against free radicals, as well as antiviral and antibacterial qualities. Free radicals are the by-products of cellular metabolism that can attack healthy cells and deconstruct the DNA into potentially carcinogenic cells. Having high levels of antioxidants in your body will make sure that organ systems are protected from harmful infections and diseases, including cancer and heart diseases. Nasunin, which is an anthocyanin, has specifically been linked to inhibiting detrimental behavior in the brain. Free radicals are partially responsible for neural degeneration and the appearance of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. The studies have mainly focused on the effects of nasunin on animals, but it is a very encouraging news for those suffering from cognitive disorders. Improve Bone Health There are a number of benefits to bone health that come from eggplants, which is very good for people at higher risk of bone degradation and osteoporosis. Phenolic compounds are what give eggplants and many other fruits their unique coloration. These compounds have also been linked to reduced signs of osteoporosis, stronger bones, and increased bone mineral density. Eggplants also have significant amounts of iron and calcium, which are integral to bone health and overall strength. Finally, the amount of potassium in eggplants helps in the uptake of calcium, making eggplants a comprehensive and highly useful booster for osteoporosis and bone health.
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