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VikingMašek name is synonymous with high quality and high efficiency cartoning machines. Supplying world-class equipment to the fast moving consumer market, VikingMašek Lake has proven to be a leading supplier of both top load and end load cartoning machines including: continuous and intermittent endload cartoners, carton erectors, carton closers, case-packers and wrap-around cartoners. No matter if you want to go automatic or semi-automatic, we can offer you both. Starting from simple bag collators, semi automatic cartoning machines, up to fully automated lines..

CAM – continuous, intermittent

VikingMašek´s CAM continuous cartoners are fully servo driven automatic continuous end load cartoners, carefully designed to match specific application requirements on exact speed and size range requirements.


The VikingMašek´s CAM-W Wrap-around cartoner can erect, load and close wraparound cases using hot melt glue. The CAM-W is a fast machine and it can collate and load products into wraparound cases or trays at speeds up to 25 cases/trays per minute. This is an intermittent motion cartoner with simple change-over for broad range of applications and various customised feeders.


VikingMašek offers broad range of carton formers for lock, glue or heat-seal applications. The VikingMasek´s CFM machine is rugged, versatile and high-performing carton erector, capable of running different carton shapes in single, double or triple head operation. The CFM machine provides the state of art carton forming technology and performance.


The VikingMasek´s CFM-T is rugged, versatile and high-performing Tray erecting machine, capable of running different tray shapes in single head operation. The CFM-T machine provides the state of art tray forming technology and performance.


VikingMasek´s CLM machines are a family of carton closing machines. We offer straight-line or right-angle units to close one-, two- or three-flap cartons. The unique turning mechanism provides gentle handling of the cartons and the products inside. The different styles CLM machines provide plant layout flexibility and match the required customer´s speed.


It is often said that life is series of trade-offs. But not for VikingMasek´s unique top load solution MFM. This mutifunctional machine combines carton erector, product loading unit and carton closing machines into one compact unit. This makes the unit to match the floorspace that none can reach, ensuring enough flexibility and performance to reach your packaging needs. Why settle for a top load solution with trade-offes, when this unit has all the benefits you need.

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