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The company MGM Holešov was established on May 1, 1992, by privatiziation of the state enterprise „Agricultural Machines Repairs“ Holešov. That enterprise was founded as The Regional Repair Works of Agricultural Machines and Tractors in 1953. The company carried out repairs of agricultural tractors. Since 1960 the factory was specialised also on capitall repairs of crawler traktor,. harvesters, mowing machines and also trucks. The company´s activities were extended on repairs of forklifts in 1973. Since 1995, the MGM company has been manufacturing sprayers for agriculture. This activity gradually became dominant and at present the production of sprayers is the base of the company´s production programme.

Trailed sprayers

Since 1995, the MGM company has belonged to the largest manufacturers of farm sprayers in the Czech Republic. The company also sells its highly professional technology abroad. In Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, and Ukraine, more than 1,000 trailed farm sprayers are operated for plant protection. .

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